Connector Program: "Connector Mentors"

The BUSY Connector Program is the opportunity for University students to get a leg up on starting their career, by receiving guidance from local professionals. The BUSY Foundation works closely with Mount Royal University to educate on the value of career planning, and investing in their careers by fully investigating the opportunities and potential paths before they start. 

This is where our "Connectors" come in. Connectors are local professionals, in technology, finance, sales, entrepreneurship and any business disciplines that are open to having a coffee with an ambitious graduate from the University and telling them about how they progressed in their careers. A normal conversation will cover:

  • What does a day in the life of your career look like?
  • What do you like / not like about it?
  • How did you start out and develop your career to this point?
  • What kind of recommendations would you give to someone start out?
  • Can you introduce them (if they are an ambitious candidate) to someone else in your network to extend theirs? 

A 30 minute coffee out of your work week can have a huge impact to someone who is looking for a little guidance and direction when starting their career. There are a lot of ambiguities to what their path is, and the opportunities available to them,