Wanted: Director of the Creators Program

The pay is TERRIBLE... but the rewards are amazing.

The BUSY Foundation is looking for a natural leader to take over the Creators Pillar: an entrepreneurship focused program that aims to propel University students and their early stage ventures into being sustained businesses that contribute to our economy and community. This program contributes both venture dollars, raised by the BUSY Foundation, as well as attending meetings to meet with early stage entrepreneurs to provide guidance.

Over the past four years the Creator Program has: 

  • Contributed $100,000 in venture funding to University student entrepreneurs 
  • Met with the Founder Circle (MRU) students to provide guidance and mentorship to young entrepreneurs
  • Sat on the panel of judges for the University student led ventures competition where funding is granted to new ventures.

The Director of the Creators Program will be spending 2-3 hours per week, to help further develop this program and give the Director an opportunity to give back to the community while doing something they’re passionate about. 

We are hoping to find a Director with some of these types of qualities and experience: 

  • Experience in being an entrepreneur, and / or a passion for promoting entrepreneurship 
  • A natural leader that will set the direction for this program, and introduce new ideas on how to promote and support young entrepreneurs
  • A person that has a feeling that they would love to give back, but just haven’t found the right opportunity. 
  • A flexible schedule would be a plus.


We would love to hear from you, please write us a brief email introducing yourself, your background and why you think you’d be a great leader to help promote and support young entrepreneurs. Feel free to reach out with questions as well.

Email: legup@busyyyc.com