The Building Up Successful Youth (BUSY) foundation is looking for a 2018-2019 third or fourth year student from the Mount Royal University Communications/Marketing program to be our Social Media and Marketing Manager over the upcoming school year.

The BUSY Foundation has been growing as an organization in terms of scope, and aiming to target scale in the next 12 months in the areas of social media and brand awareness throughout the MRU community and city as a whole.

We are looking for a student to fulfill this part time role, for our not for profit organization, to help:

  • Run the day to day marketing of our social media platforms and website

  • Assist in promoting and executing on fundraising events

  • Build brand awareness of the BUYS Foundation and expand the reach of our following

Opportunity for winning candidate:

  • The BUSY Foundation will be providing a $2,000 bursary to be put towards this student's tuition and / or other MRU costs.

  • This student will gain experience for developing programs in a growing not for profit organization that has contributed over $150,000 over the last five years to MRU and charitable causes.

  • Develop a professional network with an organization that helps students identify their career roadmap and connect them with professionals in the field they're aspiring to be in.

Format of response:

This is the first time that BUSY has looked to an external source to manage and help build our social media profile so we want to see your creative side at work. This is an open platform where we would like to see 3-5 creative ‘mock’ social media posts with the aim of accomplishing some of the aforementioned goals. We realize this is slightly vague, however, you are the creative minds and we want to give you free reign to show us your ideas.

BUSY Foundation’s current social media presence:


All responses should be submitted in a digital format to no later than October 1st

The top 3 students will be interviewed in person or via conference call by September 28th as the start date for this position will be October 1st.