Give the opportunity of insight and real world education to career opportunities to an ambitious soon-to-be-graduate

Graduating University students need help to understand what the opportunities in different career paths are after they graduate. While they may not need a regular cadence with a "mentor" -- the opportunity to have a "Connection Coffee" with a professional that is in the industry that they're hoping to get into and hear about what a day in the life is like, how they fell into that career path, and recommendations for a new graduate -- is an AMAZING opportunity. 

The BUSY Foundation is helping make these "Connection Coffees" a reality with our Connectors Program. 

What we need help with:

  1. Your willingness to let a soon-to-be-graduated university student take you for coffee.
  2. One time, there is NO requirement to have a regular cadence or follow up beyond that coffee.
  3. Literally, that's it!

When you have this coffee, we hope that you could tell them:

  • What did you do in school, and what were your ambitions when you graduated?
  • How did you fall into the career you're in now? (What was your career path?)
  • What does a day in the life of your career actually look like (the glamours and the not so much)
  • Based on the student's interests, what are some career paths could you recommend for them that they may not have thought of (or known about)?
  • Recommendations on how to make their career ambitions a reality

Since 2011 the BUSY Foundation...

...has connected hundreds of students with professionals to open their eyes to the real opportunities beyond the walls of the University, and this program has been a huge success. Students have said that these "connection coffees" have helped them define their careers and give them a #legup on becoming the professional they aspire to be. 

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