The Connector Program works on targeting 'outcomes' that we can control. This won't necessarily be getting you a job, but some critical components that you help you start to craft your career and get started. 

Identify the type of role you're looking for

Often, the job title that you're most interested in isn't something that you knew about until after starting down your career path. We aim to help you identify what the potential roles are out there, and what may align most to your goals. 

Develop a career road map

No one gets their dream job out of University. No one. It is often a trial and error process, followed by the identification of a job path, and hard work to where you finally move into a career that provides you the autonomy and reward that you've dreamt of. 

The Connector Program helps you identify what that potential career map may look like, starting with and building to:

  • Foundational Role
  • Junior Role
  • Intermediate Role
  • Senior Role

Start to develop your Network

Developing a network is absolutely critical for not only starting your career, but for advancing it as you mature in your industry. However, not all of us have the family connections to start leveraging a network right away. The Connector Program helps you by putting you in touch with "Connectors". these are people that are in your desired field, that are open to meeting with you for a coffee to give you insight into that career path, and potentially helping you further developing your network. 

Be Prepared for Interviews

The BUSY Foundation will help you develop a story about yourself that will be relevant to those that are interviewing. You may not have all the experience necessary for a job, but you often have a great story of ambition and transferrable skill sets that are applicable to that job - let's find a way for you to tell that story.