Steps Involved


Coffee meeting with a BUSY Foundation Director to talk about

  • The career development process
  • What are the potential opportunities available to you
  • What are the industries or types of roles you're interested in

From there, the BUSY Foundation will introduce you to someone in your desired field. This will be via an email intro where we help you schedule a coffee with this person.

Connector Coffee:

Meeting with a 'Connector', or someone in your desired field, is an opportunity for you to:

  • See what a day in the life of that career path looks like
  • What they like / don't like about their current role, the politics behind it, the opportunities
  • How did they progress their role from University to where they are now? What was their career roadmap?
  • Could they potentially introduce you to someone else in their network to further develop yours?

Networking to get an interview

The BUSY Foundation isn't a placement agency, but we do help University students get closer to starting their first career job. Building off of the networking with Connector's, we try to assist in continuing this pattern until you've met someone who is helping you land an interview.

Preparing to interview and get a job

The BUSY Foundation can help provide feedback on your resume, and recommendations on how to best position yourself in order to get the role you're looking for. Often, a quick discussion to talk about interview strategies and things to be prepared with are critical pieces to getting your first career role.